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Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai Movie Trailer

Ka Kalena song is from 2010 Marathi Language Movie Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai. Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai movie is directed by Satish Rajwade. Although there are many other important performances by other actors in this movie, Swwapnil Joshi has played the main lead roles. Important Contributors behind this popular song include: Music Director Avinash Vishwajeet, Lyricist Satish Rajwade, Shrirang Godbole, and the lead singer(s) Swapnil Bandodkar, Bela Shende

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai Movie Story

Gautam (Swapnil Joshi) and Gauri (Mukta Barve) have settled into married life. They are comfortable with each other, often quarrel over trivial matters, but always let love win. Both of them are built on their careers and plan their life completely.

After, an unexpected pregnancy puts them in a spot. While the couple is anxious to not have a child right now,  But their over-enthusiastic parents have gone a step further preparing to be grandparents. The involvement of their parents in their life is a little suffocating even for the audience.  However, will Gautam and Gauri take the decision that makes everyone happy? Will they have to ready for a baby?

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Song Details:

  • Movie Name: Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai
  • Song Title: Ka Kalena
  • Movie Director: Satish Rajwade
  • Music Director: Avinash Vishwajeet
  • Singers: Swapnil Bandodkar, Bela Shende
  • Lyricist: Satish Rajwade, Shrirang Godbole
  • Movie Language: Marathi

Ka Kalena Video Song from the Movie Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai

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Ka Kalena Song Lyrics in English

Ka Kalena Konatya Kshani Haravate Man Kase
Umalati Kashya Dhund Bhavana Allad Vate Kase
Bandh Julati He Preetiche God Nate He Janmantariche

Ek Me Ek Tu, Shabda Me Geet Tu
Aakash Tu, Abhas Tu Saryaat Tu
Dhyas Me Shwas Tu, Sparsh Me Mohar Tu
Swapnat Tu Satyat Tu Saryaat Tu…

Pankh Lavuni Udat Chalale Mann He Tuzyasave
Tuza Mi Mazi Tu, Kadhi Kenvha Kase Julale Bandh He
Abol Preet Hi, He Nate Nave
Ajab Reet Hi, Swapna Nave

Ghadale Kase Kadhi, Kalate Na Je Kadhi
Haluvar Te Aale Kase Othavari
Dena Tu Saath De, Hatat Hath De
Najaretala Najaretuni Ikarar Ghe

Ka Kalena Konatya Kshani Haravate Man Kase
Umalati Kashya Dhund Bhavana Allad Vate kase
Bandh Julati He Preetiche God Nate He Janmantariche

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