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Dating model pick male especially for Mexico

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Mexico MO Model 94 Dating

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Two lava flows from the Ceboruco volcano in west-central Mexico were sampled for palaeomagnetic dating. Each flow was sampled in at least four sites, in order to unravel between site variations. For the flow, between site differences were notable and additionally post-cooling block movements were important; therefore, two sites had to be rejected.

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Often found all the same out put. Hope that helps. Just my opinion, and we know what those are like. As he will Also see how pots are and pick ups 5 way mim switches die early and plug being very thin do tend to either get very loose or bend out from guitar lead.

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Now my regular Stratocaster is better looking but it just seems to miss that something special. It may have middle tone hooked into bridge as well or no tone bridge pick up. As simple as kitchen fluorescent light on lol. And the MO was often the first part that they had in common. Notes more true than my Gibson es I bought new in But…I would never get rid of my Gibson my love. Tuners where the light fender sealed version. Was selling as a used 11 year old guitar that was played 10 times by owner, basically still new!!! Tex mex are better priced these days and there are a hotter set.

As with all Fender serial sthe Mexican Fender serial s are inconsistent and change patterns a few times. I have often wondered if it would be better to upgrade the components to get the American Stat quality of sound or just buy up to the American Strat and sell the Mex…. The 10 was supposed to represent the first year of the second decade in the new millennium.

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But it will give you a SRV Texas blues tone. LOVE my guitar. With nut and pick up swap over next then locking set of tuners.

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So lots of hum with something. But guitars are each an individual and just need to be Mexico at that way. Mexican made Fenders are not horrible, but they are not equal to their American counterparts. I was in awe on how it felt, the finishing touches on it were to die for. Yet intonation never adjusted and neck over bow or under can cause buzz and frets to pop.

That is why each has two years of production. The routing had wood chips and shavings painted over on the bottom. It is a rather heavy guitar but has a nice feel…. Better off getting a Mim and upgrading the parts. In the early to mids Fender realized that labor and shipping costs overseas were being to rise, so Fender decided it would be easier to set up a plant in Ensenada, Mexico. Well, then comes Fender decided to switch to using the 10 instead of a letter prefix. The only ref u might dating is a basic spec on that yr model.

You can also find more information on the Fender site. Couple tags where just photo copied versions on thin card. Still playing it, after these years, has a second fret job on it and would never ever sell it!!! I hope your version is not by that company. The 10 prefix was not recorded in their operations systems. Set of tex mex model pick ups a set of fender locking tuners the pick up springs throw away get some pick tubing to replace. I bought it because I actually liked it better than the American models I tried.

Once Fender saw the errors in the old system, they decided to go back to the lettering serial schemes. Would appreciate some help. Best thing I did!!!! Can you date month of production by the serial ? If nut get that done as easy to stuff up. Get a tech at a good guitar shop to set up and check neck for truss rod adjust. Yet we got 1 pot hitting k 1 at k and.

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Get a good guitar tech to do a string change and set up for your playing style. Mine is having its 20th birthday Aug 25almost old enough to go to the bar. A new American made Strat is going to run double that or more. Fender Mexico was established May 5, Fender started producing guitars in itssq. I wanna know whats the radius and type of neck is on that guitar. Intonation string Height above pick ups good seating in the nut of the string gauge you use.

But use your tone and volume just setting 10 you are missing so much more a nice setup guitar will produce. This one has factory installed k pots. Or if they sell you the gear they may give great deal to put together and set to your string gauge on the nut put correct string to pick up pole spaceing and height off the neck. The cheap Mexico 5 way was there but no fender white sticker or holes in any lugs or capacitor at all. Fender has always been good at keeping us guessing with their ing systems.

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As there where a few trying hard to sell these guitars. As they are not a guitar worth keeping a log of parts and wiring. Shocker but explained a lot of the volume out put and harsh single coil unpotted coils and no reverse middle.

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Ensenada plant in Due to production times and shipping dates, there is an overlap between each years guitars. Also is it nitro or poly, and what are the pickups on it. This way the country of origin and the date of production can be coded into the serial .

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As long as frets are ok. Nut binding on wrong string size is another cheap easy fix. Mix between a tele and strat. Too many variables, ok, between and And yes, Mexican strats these days are just as good and sometimes better than American made ones.

We Pulled one apart and under the gaurd where some shocking wire and soldering. Non stamped bridge.

I have to say that there are a lot of variables in ANY guitar. My very inexpensive Jazzmaster is my favorite. I hope this article helped you understand your Mexican Fender guitar serial and figure out how your guitar is. Obviously, Fender had to do something about this, so it changed the serial scheme a few months later.

Mexican fender serial s

Pick ups will be fender standards which where a general wind low out put single coil. They use cheaper components, lesser grade woods, and do not have the meticulous American craftsmanship behind them. I still have it and it still goes to every single gig.

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It is and always be a crap shoot with guitars, that is what evens the playing field…the more you spend the less likely a dud though. I am working now on refurbishing a Mexican made Fender P bass, and the wiring is a mess. The Mexican guitars are no exceptions. This would never happen on an American model. It sounded and felt great!! The standard P bass pots are supposed to be k pots. If you really love it and get good tone great. Planets lined up and finally could put in an order in, waited 70 days and it found its way to me!

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Fender also made a series of guitars in and that were produced and assembled in both the US and Mexico. Installed a couple of Epiphone humbuckers and pots and love it. Tone with mine is much better. The reason? Lots of voice, tone and very usuable over many styles. So starting in lateguitars were being produced with the 10 with a space followed by seven or eight digits.

You can get some great sound. Confusing, right? So MN was a Mexican Fender guitar built in So everything was pretty simple up to this point, right? I ate rice for a while after purchasing that guitar, I was tight on money but thought I gotta take this one home with me!!! Mate sorry to say seen a few over yhe years.