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I love a boho wedding. It can be beachy.

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Please click below to reach out to us. We have to see pictures, carpet, furniture, etc to capture the vision of what our dream house really looks like! Now, of course, every wedding is different.

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We have never had a couple hire us sight unseen. This is the reason why Bridal shows are such an advantage. The bridal shows we attend give you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Funny how you just went in to the store to find a belt!

Be sure to look for Part 2 where we discuss the Cons of attending a bridal show as well as our final thoughts. If you know you want to use us, then by all means make the deal then to ensure your date is locked!

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You may or on the link at the bottom to setup a phone call or us to chat about questions or services for your day! Yes we love Pinterest, we use it for our business!

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In our area of wedding Photography, this is extremely important. We are always here to answer any questions you may have! This is extremely hard to get from a website or even a blog post!

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They host the largest Bridal Show in Oklahoma. This takes all the work out for you! Bridal shows are an international phenomena!

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You just got engaged! All over the world, in almost every country there is a bridal show, fair, or extravaganza of some kind or size! Oh man, I have to go back to get the matching belt now!

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It takes a personal touch! Our work speaks for itself. We hope this first part to our Bridal Show series has given you some important things to think about.

The flaw in this thinking is if you want to be unique, then you, well, have to be unique! Bridal shows are like deer clothing stores! It never hurts to look as they say!

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This has never been farther from the truth, especially among all the amazing vendors we have worked with. Do you feel comfortable with them? This is by far one of the biggest Pros to attending a bridal show! The purpose is simple, to connect brides with potential vendors or simply to give inspiration! As a Wedding Vendor, my obvious answer is always yes. Reach Out. Bridal Shows: Bridal shows are an international phenomena! Close Menu.

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We are here to answer any questions you have! Oklahoma Magazine. One way we try to be different, is not being heavy pressured! We hope you choose to attend at least one upcoming Bridal Show in your area!

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Weddings are the same, almost every vendor that contributes to the creative process, i. I love this about her! Enter The Bridal Show. Remember, this is your day! A well crafted bridal show is the same way! I have seen many brides walking down the aisles of a bridal show eyes twinkling from the inspiration they are getting.

See you soon!

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Just reach out! My wife is a coupon queen when it comes to shopping!

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What do you do?!?! We all know how excited you are! We always honor any special or discount for any bride who sets up a coffee meeting at the show with us! Every bride is different!

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